1. mousedown on empty space and drag to select multiple items.
  2. (un)select multiple items via ctrl/shift/ctrl+shift.
  3. anchor node was marked with red border.
  4. selected node was marked with green background.
  5. drag on a selected item and mousemove to drop items in target.
  6. available target will be marked with green border.
  1. accept any source's items
  2. can drop on itself if ctrl key was pressed even current item is selected
  1. accept any source's items except self
  2. #1 - can not drop on itself if current item is not selected

			<script type="text/javascript">
				require(['ui/Renderer'], function(Renderer) {
					var node = document.getElementById('container');
					var render = window.xrender = new Renderer(node);
					render.insertNodes(false, [
						{ data: 'item-1', type: ['t_listitem'] },
						{ data: 'item-2', type: ['t_listitem'] },
						{ data: 'item-3', type: ['t_listitem'] },
						{ data: 'item-4', type: ['t_listitem'] }